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Complex Fruit-Vegetable Fermented Powder

◆ 嚴選數十種蔬果搭配獨家益生菌共生發酵技術,創新定量SOD活性。

◆ 排毒、清除自由基。

◆ 劑型應用 : 膠囊/粉劑/果凍/液劑。

Product name:

Fruit & Vegetable Enzyme


Product information :

Product name: Fruit & Vegetable Enzyme

Appearance: white powder

Specification: SOD-like >1.0 x 106 unit/100g

Storage: Keep in cool and away from light. 2 years shelf life under 25℃.

Market appliances:

1. functional foods/dietary supplements

2. food additives

※Suitable for vegetarians



1. 66 kinds of high-quality Taiwan local fruits and vegetables, and symbiosis fermented with best quality lactobacillus and yeast.

2. Professional fermentation technology - high tech sterile fermentation tank with strictly control temperature and culture environment during the whole processes

3. Unique extraction technology - Most of the enzyme products contained alcohol, when consuming for long period, it may harm liver and brain. With unique extract technology, we can produce high quality enzyme products without alcohol.

4. No fragrance, no preservatives, no pesticides.

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