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About Us - Healthcome International

"We care about your healthy life more than you do. "

As a Taiwanese saying goes: “let’s recommend good food to each other.”

Surrounded by the sea, Taiwan is not only inhabited by enthusiastic and warm-hearted people, but it also has fertile lands that produce many quality food ingredients. Healthcome insists on importing original, quality raw materials and food products from Taiwan without cutting any corners. Healthcome is diligent in protecting the quality and safety of every product that is delivered to its consumers.


"It’s not just about health, but also flavors. "

Healthy living is not just an idea, but a concept to practice in daily life. Healthcome enjoys the sensation of gourmet food just like you do. In addition to being healthy, Healthcome’s products also value the quality of flavors and textures. By converting healthy living ideas into delicious and modern experiences, Healthcome brings the highest level of reassurance and health to the general public.

Healthy Living Concepts

The term “healthy living (yang sheng)” first appeared in Zhuangzi: The Inner Chapters. Looking at the term, “yang” refers to maintenance, aftercare, nourishment, and protective care, whereas “sheng” refers to life and survival.

According to Neijing: “eating too much food is harmful to the gastrointestinal tract.” Improper dietary intake will result in an “acidic body constitution,” which is the origin of all kinds of illnesses. Thus, inappropriate diets can easily trigger different diseases, especially now when people love to eat a variety of fast food that creates burden on the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, as stated in the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing): “In food and drinking they observed moderation. In rising and resting they observed regularity. Neither did they behave recklessly, nor did they commit any deceptive activities. Hence, the mind is relaxed and one has few desires. The heart is at peace and one is not in fear. The physical appearance is taxed, but is not tired. When physical appearance and spirit are kept together, this is identical with an endowment of utmost longevity.” In other words, controlled diets and regular daily routines are the correct principles of healthy living.