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Calendula Extract (Lutein)

◆ 吸收強光消除自由基、保護黃斑部。

◆ 劑型應用 : 膠囊/粉劑。

Product name:

Calendula Extract Powder (with Lutein)



Product name: Calendula Extract Powder (with Lutein)

Specification: 10% Lutein

Appearance: Orange powder

Storage:2 years when stored at room temperature. Store in a cool dry place.

Store in an airtight container and keep away from light and heat.

Market appliances:

1. Dietary supplements

2. Food additives

※Suitable for vegetarians



1. Extract from natural calendula

2. Non-GMO product

3. Natural plant extract, suitable for vegetarians

4. Excellent anti-oxidation ability and with high stability

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