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Bacillus Coagulans

◆ 具耐高溫、耐胃酸及膽鹼特性。

◆ 劑型應用 : 錠狀/造粒劑型/膠囊/粉劑。

Product name :

Bacillus coagulans


Product :

The cell walls of Bacillus coagulans could protect the cell, which gives three major features to this raw material: heat resistance, gastric acid resistance, and bile salt resistance. Also, it is one of Bacillus genus fungi that could produce lactic acid. Bacillus coagulans can safely reach intestines. 


Product information :

Product name: Bacillus coagulans

Appearance: Yellow white powder

Specification: 6 x 10⁹ CFU/g

Shelf life: Keep in cool place and avoid direct sunlight. 2 years shelf life under 25℃.

Market appliances: 1. Dietary supplements 2. Food additives

※Suitable for vegetarians


Feature :

1. Heat resistance up to 80℃. After 10 minutes, the survival rate is about 100%.

2. Unique endospore.

3. Suitable as nutrition fortification in puddings, Jell-O and other type of low temperature baking products.

4. Suitable for the forms of tablets, powder, and capsules.

5. Suitable for pet and animal nutrition supplements.

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